January 24, 2014 | By FLYGUY

Boba, Binks, and Bantha Fodder | By Mike

Greetings all,

Forgive the arbitrary nature of this post, but as I'm new, I thought I'd better introduce myself.

My name's Mike and it probably goes without saying, but I'm something of a Star Wars/toy nut. And - at the risk of sounding entirely generic - I'm something of a Boba Fett fan too. Robot Chicken got it spot-on, we are indeed all "begging for a little piece of Boba". It's a shame then that he spends less time on the shelf than he does on-screen in Return of The Jedi...

Fett aside, it's a pleasure to be sharing my collecting experiences and thoughts with the FLYGUY community. In fact, I'm honoured. 99.9% of the web makes Mos Eisley look like a holiday resort, and yet it never ceases to amaze me how welcoming and supportive the Star Wars community is - so long as your surname isn't Binks.

As it happens, blathering on about irrelevant twaddle makes finding a suitable image something of a nightmare. So in keeping with the decidedly random tone of this post, I thought I'd dust off the graphics tablet and whip up a primitive vector drawing of Aurra Sing. It was either that or a shot of my ugly mug, you lot certainly dodged a blaster shot there.

In short, I'm looking forward to getting started. So keep a lookout, I'll be sure to send more blogging Bantha fodder your way very soon.

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