December 12, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Boring Conversation Anyway™. A Star Wars Podcast Episode #50. Join Us Live With Some Cool Guests To Talk Toys #BCA50

50 Boring episodes come to a close. Where next for the borecast? Find out by joining +FLYGUY the handsome, the debonair the deeply sexy & the windswept and interesting +Dorksidetoys bore the utter pants off you as we talk through our favourite toys of 2013, highlights of The Vintage Collection, a news roundup and answering your questions.

Post questions in advance on G+, Twitter or Facebook using #bca50 or join us live on YouTube/G+ and have the panel get back to you real time via the magic unicorns of the interwebz.

Special podcast version audio only bonus to follow from Whit aka and if time zones and drinking times permits his holiness the 'Tubefather' +SithLord229    

What time is this show in your country?Visit for more

This is a live show so please allow 10-15 mins delay at start time incase of hair and makeup issues / gremlins /  'technical difficulties'.

Join the event page here which will be the live broadcast

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