October 05, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Star Wars Tiny Death Star Mobile Retro Pixel Style Game Coming Soon From Disney & Nimblebit

Tiny Tower a classic mobile game led to a spoof show on an awesome Australian game show called 'Good Game' which added a popular segment called Tiny Power. This helped spread to other great games such as 'Nimble Quest' and more, and the style quickly grew across the interwebs and before you know it, cult status for all things 'Tiny' and it's cute pixel characters and creators.

Then what better franchise to work with than Star Wars? Disney have teamed up with Nimblebit games and 'Star Wars Tiny Death Star will be available “soon” worldwide.

Nimblebit have launched on all platforms recently so lets hope there's none of this silly Disney brown nosing iO/s only crap (Disney sit of the Apple board). They recently made an arse of a campaign they ran for the Marvel Jarvis app which region blocked the app to US only and only on iO/s.  <facepalm>

Not very nice for customers when clearly all you have in mind is your share price. Hopefully Nimblebit will knock some sense into them and they can cater for all, for what looks like an excellent game.

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