September 28, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Wave 1 & 2 of Star Wars Black Series 3.75 Just Hit Stores Here. Here's Why I'm Not Buying Them...

Lets get one thing clear and get it out the way, I LOVE the six inch line.

Now on to the 3.75 line.

...Dafuq is going on??

We've heard the issues of bubbles not staying put, falling off, being stapled and more. I'm sad to say that these at retail were also a little dodgy here in Oz, but on the whole just not acceptable quality.

Seriously retail. You're so dead to me.

The overall experience of buying figures at retail has gone from fever pitch in years gone by to... just pointless. Driving miles, wasting money, time and gas, sloppy retail handling by stores who don't care about collectors, shafting us with high prices to hang them badly on pegs, where kids chuck them around and they get re-hung and stapled or taped?

No thanks.

The above photo was the best of the bunch, but the bubbles on most were often squint, many just waiting to fall off and frankly, some really poor paint jobs on the figures too.

Whilst Hasbro have won me over heart and soul for the six inch line, it isn't helping these two waves of 3.75 are at best, only really fair figures on the whole and just making it in to my collection. It really does feel like the 'parking lot' waves we know some of these were.

Thankfully I had pre-ordered, and now have in hand, great quality loose versions of wave 1, 3.75 black from DorksideToys and will put our usual YouTube video reviews up shortly. All the figures are far better quality than retail as they simply don't ship crappily carded figures. Trust me I've bought enough to know and that's why I bang about them!

Plus being from Dorkside the the prices are decent. (They have some of them for $6.43USD with 10% off as we speak!) I trust them more then retail as they pack like your item is royalty, so at least I know my carded versions are gonna be in mint nick.

At least then I can enjoy decent quality figures on good quality cards which is what most collectors want. (That's what the black series is aimed at remember.) I'm going to keep promoting and buying from online retailers like Dorkside who are collectors, and care about figures as just lost all love for retail.

One thing I have realised even more looking over these last two waves which I've already whined about on our podcasts, but I'm sure many of you still feel also...

Dammit Hasbro, bring the vintage collection back!

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