September 10, 2013 | By FLYGUY

LEGO Planet Series Four Will Not Be Made Available in The USA, In Fact the Line Is Pretty Much Dead.

Twice this year, a wave of a line of toys is NOT making it to the USA.
Don't cry too much USA dudes, consider it not even barely fair with about 50% of toys you get, most other countries never ever see or are forced to pay double or more for the same item.

Plus there is always fleabay and online.

The planet series is effectively no more, certainly now we have seen the leaked 2014 Star Wars replacments which adds a 'chibi' style little ship and minifig. Lets face it, they were gonna run out of movie planets very soon anyway!

Several LEGO sources such as FBTB and our favourites hothbricks are pretty much confirming what we all knew...
" ... The second wave of 2013 LSW planets (e.g. series 4-flyguy) are no longer launching in the U.S.. They Will Be available in other global countries, HOWEVER. As you know, some markets carry slightly different collections DEPENDING On Their market dynamics, so the strategic decision was made ​​not to launch 'em in the U.S. ... "
Exactly what is in the second wave is not 100% clear but it's highly likely only series 4.

We reviewed the sets quite a while back on our YouTube channel, so take a look and see if they are worth spending your hard earned ca$hito's on.

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