August 18, 2013 | By FLYGUY

LEGO Star Wars 2014 Images and Set List Leaks. Like It Does Every Single Year... who we met for the first time at CElebration Europe II (genuinely nice guys) got a knuckle wrap from LEGO lawyers this week for sharing preliminary images of 2014 LEGO set images.

Apparently LEGO don't realise the interwebs and this kind of nonsense happens every bloody year. Threatening a fan site with Lawyers? Really LEGO you should be ashamed of yourself.

Well before the brick people get this video removed, you can take  a 'preliminary images' look at upcoming sets which are documented below...
. Things may change and sets are only again to give an idea to retailers and buyers, and are not final.

Details of all the sets are below.

Battle Packs

  • 75034 Death Star Troopers 
  • 75035 Kashyyyk Troopers 
  • 75036 Utapau Troopers 
  • 75037 Battle on Saleucami 

'Recruitment' Sets (replaces Planet sets)

  • 75028 Clone Turbo Tank
  • 75029 AAT
  • 75030 Millennium Falcon
  • 75031 Tie Interceptor
  • 75032 X-Wing Starfighter
  • 75033 Imperial Star Destroyer

Larger Sets

  • 73038 Yellow Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor
  • 75039 V-Wing Starfighter
  • 75040 General Grievous’ Wheel Bike
  • 75041 Vulture Droid
  • 75042 Droid Gunship
  • 75043 AT-AP
  • 75044 Droid Tri-Fighter
  • 75045 Republic AV-7 Anti Vehicle Cannon
  • 75046 Coruscant Police Gunship

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