August 18, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Check Out The Excellent @swactionnews Podcast Covering #starwarscelebration Europe. Also featuring @TGP73

I'm still in major catch up mode as I fight jet lag and just piles of emails, parcels and updates as I get back from Celebration Europe II.

I did manage to keep fairly up to date however with podcasts during all my flights across Europe, the middle east and Asia and I thought it worth sharing one of the latest episodes of  Star Wars Action News; Episode 400.

The SWAN team covered Celebration Europe II incredibly well and pretty much rounded up my thoughts on the event. I managed to get to meet most of the team, including his royal highness, the Ginger Prince (and princess), as well as Jerry & Arnie from the SWAN team. Particularly good to meet these people who for years I've been listening too.

I think we all spent many an hour (or more like days) in the collecting & Hasbro panels, which they cover in the show, but the team have done such a great job here of rounding it all out in a great podcast. Make sure you take a listen to get the skinny on the event.

Listen to Star Wars Action News Episode 400

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