July 28, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Hasbro Panel At #starwarscelebration Europe II. Black Series Six Inch and 3.75 Reveals

Well we waited with baited breath and were first in line to see Hasbro reveals joined only by friend Dave Tree from all the cool stuff and several of the Star Wars Action News posse. Great company and we all sat down and were eventually quite disappointed at how little was revealed....

Here is our notes

  • Said no cameras yet everyone is snapping away! We join in...
  • Angry birds sw 2 slide and chewie video
  • Episodes 1, 2 & 3 will be in the new game
  • Anakin episode designs on screen
  • Pink bird padme design slide
  • Telepods tech overview
  • Showing new designs for 30+ characters in angry birds some look very cool
  • World reveal of gameplay showing telepod emperor has lightning, mace with boomerang lightsaber. Grievous with four lightsabers
  • Lots of angry birds shots mostly all seen plus they share Yoda sketches
  • Yoda seems to be a badass in the game with mega moves.
  • Jar jar in the game uses his tongue...Zzzz
  • Ian McDiarmid worked on the emperor voice for the game. Played a short video clip.
  • Game out sept 19th
  • Now black series!!
  • Wave 2 
  • Showing leia character key info
  • Han and Leia boba and greedo stock images
  • Showing boba images we have seen
  • Wave 2014 sneak peek Luke bespin and obi wan, stormtrooper already seen.
  • Revealed commander neyo (looks good) and Darth Plaguies in 3.75 scale which looks a little dodge to my eye.
  • Showing saga legends/mission series info we have already seen and an anakin to vader and lightsaber with dual colours

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