Black Series Six Inch Greedo to Be An EE Exclusive? Collecting Unicorns May Be Easier Than This Line


Galactic Hunter is reporting that the dude that can't shoot for shit, is in fact going to be an Entertainment Exclusive? (UPDATE-It isn't-phew!)


this has got to be a joke....

Just me or is the fact that I have to fly 10,000 miles to buy a Boba Fett & Han in Carbonite not enough, (don't even ask me the cost for flights and accommodation) that I now have to import from California (at a large price hike as EE shipping globally is expensive) for another of these series that hasn't really started yet?

Distribution and Hasbro raises it's ugly head again....and the line has started! Just me or are you getting sick of this line's difficulty to collect already?

Thanks to E for the heads up.

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