June 19, 2013 | By FLYGUY

TekSushi Podcast 06 - 10 Inches of Dead, Black, Steel. Plus Shield's, Taco's & Joes

Another Toy podcast as we discuss the below. Watch the video or download the MP3 version here:

  1. Man of steel movie thoughts? Too much alien?
  2. Walking dead goes 10 Inches -what toys are coming
  3. GI JOE Transformers SDCC exclusives
  4. GI JOE Snake eyes looks amazing-no one tempted to get in to this line?
  5. DorksideToys GI JOE update FSS & Basic joes-quick reviews, Hasbro Iron Man 3 updated figures, mostly kiddie : (
  6. Deadpool exclusive vinyl pop do we hate exlcusives or love them?
  7. The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug Trailer-are we excited?
  8. Star Wars black series 6 inches confirmed
  9. Star Wars Weekends Vinylmation - KG Hooked on Star Wars coming out SWW, and already branching out into a few other franchisees (Tron) and one offs...coming soon...MARVEL!
  10. Big announcement...30% off all notebooks with the code ROTJ30
  11. LEGO: Iron Man’s Lab/Tony’s Workshop:
  12. Batman Arkham origins trailer-stunner!
  13. DorksideToys Batman update, new collectibles, Big Bane and new Bane-what other Bat goodies are in store?
  14. Queens Blade, Japan is nuts but damn I need to go!

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