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Star Wars Black Series Six Inch Wave 2 & 3 Figures Confirmed! Plus One Possible Missing from 3.3/4 Recent Black Series Announcements.

The next Star Wars Black Series Waves 2 & 3 (so all of 2013 basically) will be...

  • Star Wars Episode 3 Anakin Skywalker 6" Action Figure  UPC:653569897828
  • Star Wars Episode 3 Obi Wan Kenobi 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898245
  • Star Wars Episode 4 Greedo 6" Action Figure  UPC:653569898269
  • Star Wars Episode 5 Luke Bespin 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898252
  • Star Wars Boba Fett 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897811
  • Star Wars Slave Leia 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897804
  • Star Wars Episode 4 Han Solo 6" Action Figure UPC:653569897835
  • Star Wars Episode 4 Stormtrooper 6" Action Figure UPC:653569898238

Watch the video above more commentary and our thoughts on the figure choices.

On a separate issue the recent announcement by several sites of the 3.3/4" Black Series appears to be missing/in query over one figure from our list we received, which highlighted that there are two Luke's with two differing UPC's. No clear indication as to whether its an ROTJ Luke or is in fact an error and a duplicate somehow of the Jedi Training Luke. We are inclined to think the latter but have included in the list here for completeness.

  • Star Wars Episode 6 Luke Skywalker Action Figure UPC:653569896494*
  • Star Wars Episode 6 Vizam Action Figure UPC:653569886402
  • Star Wars Episode VI A Wing Pilot UPC:653569797203 ^^
  • Star Wars Episode VI Biker Scout Action Figure UPC:653569799160
  • Star Wars Episode 5 Wedge Snowspeeder Outfit Action Figure UPC:653569896951
  • Star Wars Episode 5 Snowtrooper Commander Action Figure UPC:653569896968
  • Star Wars Episode 5 Toryn Farr Action Figure UPC:653569896975
  • Star Wars Episode 5 Luke Jedi Training Action Figure UPC:653569896937
  • Star Wars Episode 5 Yoda Jedi Training Action Figure UPC:653569896944
  • Star Wars EU Mara Jade UPC:653569797166
  • Star Wars Eu Darth Plagueis UPC:653569848479
  • Star Wars Episode III Commander Neyo UPC:653569831525
  • Star Wars The Black Series Pablo-Jill Figure UPC:653569884095
  • Star Wars Episode III Merumeru UPC:653569831501
*Likely error but differing UPC


Thanks to our eagle eyed readers we do appear to have another figure that is not listed anywhere (in red text above and marked with ^^) else in the form of an A-wing pilot, which could hint at an A-Wing to go with it
: ) (Thanks Logan and MosEspa83)

We do not have confirmation of that Theed hangar pilot JTA have mentioned but have asked for clarity.
We're told more figures are going to be announced shortly too. Yay! We will post as soon as we have it.

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