June 11, 2013 | By FLYGUY

More New Star Wars Black Series 3.75 Inch Coming. UPC's Here. UPDATE Sadly Likely B.A.D Figures...

UPDATE: Thanks to JTA for checking (super quick too!) these UPC's and bummer I'm afraid it looks like they may well be the Build a droid wave and older AMPED discontinued line AT-RT.

A few more figures that we have been given to us are below, following on from our recent Six Inch Black Series announcement

We reviewed a lot of info and we took JTA's initial list & their updates today which revealed the missing Luke we shared was a craptastic 'where's my bubble bath' 12 inch limited articulation figure, so this list below is not as clear when or where these figures will be placed within or without the next year* 

Still, we thought you'd like the list to salivate over;
  • Star Wars Episode III AT-RT with Clone UPC:653569741824
  • Star Wars Episode IV Tie Pilot UPC:653569797234
  • Star Wars Episode III Saesee Tiin UPC:653569831495
  • Star Wars Episode III Clone Pilot Jag UPC:653569831518
  • Star Wars Episode III 212th Clone Trooper Action Figure UPC:653569799153
  • Star Wars Episode III Galactic Marine UPC:653569831594
  • Star Wars Episode III Emperor Palpatine UPC:653569831488
  • Star Wars Episode III Clone Trooper 327th UPC:653569831549
Clones 'should' be using that recent mould rather than older versions. We can but hope. 

UPC checkers, should you feel the need, go do your thang!

* these also may turn out to be Saga Legends but we are led to believe they are Black. Still it's fun to see this and hopefully someone can indeed check the UPC codes? JTA? Sandtroopers?  (See update above)

Note for any anal peeps out there (and ther have been a few in the last 48hrs) We share this to get excited about new releases as shock-'we love toys!'. We are not link baiting you to our site or out to 'steal' traffic. <facepalm> If you know us, you know we don't do this very often, but when we do it's always legit. Still issues? Please remove your thong from your ass crack and seek professional help.

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