June 27, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Jizzed.In.My.Pants...Boba Fett Prototype Armor Sixth Scale Figure Announced


After years fo clones and some truly doll like looking Jedi (sorry dudes, some of them are utter turds and you know it) we're really starting to get awesome stuff from Sideshow.

The recent Snowtrooper, Boba, Bossk and IG-88 have all
been spanktastic.

Well now it's time (logically to repaint the Boba) for Sideshow to produce a white prototype Fett...

As fans, we’ve always been captivated by the possibilities of what could have been. In this rare footage from the Star Wars archives, sound designer Ben Burtt hosts Boba Fett’s first reveal to George Lucas and company at the filmmaker’s home on June 28, 1978 for the upcoming Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

The striking all-white prototype armor reflects the character’s initial concept as a “super trooper” before he evolved into the bounty hunter he is today. Designed by Joe Johnston, and worn by Empire‘s assistant film editor Duwayne Dunham for the test, Burtt explains ‘proto Fett’s’ unique weapons, functions, and characteristics.

No word on release dates yet, but rest asured this fett-aholic will let you know the minute more info comes out.

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