March 21, 2013 | By FLYGUY

The Power of the Fans: The power is in your hands

Hello Star Wars fans, this is GLJossan, welcome to The Power of the Fans!

Here we are today, I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on things. If you've been reading my articles, you all know I love original characters, absolutely love them, you mite have also noticed by tearing into a certain episode of Clone Wars where it had Darth Maul turned from a straight up bad ass into a sniveling little weasel at the sight of Darth Sidious.

Female Sith Lord Venolia by Joey-B On Deviant Art

Well, obviously I'm disgruntled by the way they've portrayed the Sith, and I want to know your opinions on what makes a great Sith Lord. Is it what I've been complaining about, maybe I'm right in my complaints, I want your feedback. I want to know your dream Sith, attitude, personality, intelligence, influences, appearance, skills, the whole nine yards!

Well, here is how you tell us what you think, there are a few options, there will sooner or later be a post on our facebook, you can leave a comment there, also below in the comment section of this article, Tweet me @PoweroftheFans or send me an e-mail at !

The Starkiller by Hodges-Art On Deviant Art

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