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The Power of the Fans: Art Edition - March 17, 2013

Hello Star Wars fans, this is GLJossan, welcome to The Power of the Fans: Art edition!

I hope you brought your bathing suits, because we're swimming in Original Characters this time around, also at the end of this I'll be including a schedule for The Power of the fans, so make sure to keep reading passed the pictures!

Okay, as you guys all probably have noticed I like to lead off with something amusing and/or funny, well I'm pretty sure I was able to deliver on this! I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and obviously Star Wars, so this was just awesome. I like the look, I don't see this coming off as well with out it being cartoonish like this, but there is a lot of awesome to look at, the background it pretty neat that and seeing Rick and Daryl as ewoks is just fun.

The Ewoking Dead by JohnnySegura3rd On Deviant Art

Alright, not onto an original character, this one is pretty awesome, it's a Pau'an Sith Lord. The detail on this guy is amazing, from the lines on his face to the designs on his robes to the glow of the saber over his body. I almost want to steal this guy for a custom, but with my plans for customs tell me not to. But either way, awesome looking character and I would love to know what the background of him is, which sadly the artist has not provided.

sith by WhoAmI01 On Deviant Art

Okay, at this all I can say after looking at this, I've signed up to become a Imperial Stormtrooper. Sadly after doing so, my aim has significantly decreased... I should probably stop staring at this picture and actually look where I'm aiming, right?
Anyway though, on a serious note, I guess you could say it's an original character, though I think it's more meant to be a pin-up than an actual character. This is great, the shading is really well done, I like the fact it's black and white, very soft in terms of everything. The most bold thing is the visor on the helmet, which sadly draws me away from everything else when I look at the picture, which is is unfortunate because it's such a cool piece.

SW-shturm-fast by Savvader On Deviant Art

Woohoo, another original character! This one seems to be well thought out, a Zygerrian, looking as though she stepped from the Clone Wars cartoon and into a comic. The hues in the shading and coloring of the skin/fur is really well done, as well as the hair, it looks very nice, the over all look is awesome, though the right hand looks a bit small in comparison to the rest of the arm, but a minor thing, hands are a pain to draw anyway, so I'm not holding it against the artist. Detail is great and the shows are quite consistent, over all a really good piece.

Nora Sekhmet Vadik by tigrin On Deviant Art

Like I said, swimming in original characters, and this isn't even that last of them! Here we have a Kiffar and a twi'lek, we've got a cartoon style, very cell shaded, reminds me of something like if the people who did Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: Legend of Korra did them, which, honestly I completely approve of, a hude fan of the style and I really like these two characters, nice flat colors and shading, everything well thought out and placed. I can tell by looking at them, they've definitely have stories to tell.

Vala Jos / Keeran Raaf pt. 2 by frostious On Deviant Art

Okay, another original character, though at the same time, it's not, it's an original Clonetrooper. An odd one, but I liked it, it closely resembles the Clone Wars cartoon's style, which I think personally is a huge plus on this, especially with the unfortunate news, about the series. Any way, this guy seems to have seen a lot of battle, from the look of her armor as well as the details of his face, it's the little things that draw someone into a story and this picture tells one.

Say hello to my friend by rayn44 On Deviant Art

Here's one that was sent to me in an E-mail, something I didn't expect to happen. (Seriously I found it 15 days after it was sent, sorry mate.) But totally worthy of my list! It got a laugh out of me and also seems to really go with the whole cartoon looks that are on the list this round. I like the expression on Han's face and how he holds the severed arm with index finger and thumb, I also like the flat colors with out the outlines, very Samurai Jack like!

Wizards in Space Episode III: Holiday Special by Kristoffer Lindseth sent to me Via E-mail

Alrighty, the last of our pictures with created characters, one is the artist's character from SWTOR along side Sith Inquisitor companion Khem Val. It's comedic looking, heavy influences of anime, again another fun one, but it's always great to have fun stuff, otherwise it'd get dull, right? The picture has a mix of flat colors and shading which throws the picture off a little.

Qi and Khem by richardbrady On Deviant Art

This one is pretty dang awesome, a sith willing to fight to his last breath against a mob of jedi, this makes this one sith look more badass than most of the ones Lucas has made, or what he turned them into later on. Sith doesn't make one a whiny sniveling coward, it should make one a bad ass villain who would fight his way out of a situation instead of whimper and snivel out of it.
Any way, I love the scene painted for it (figuratively and literally speaking.) A field of snow, which continues to fall, Jedi in the dark distance, to which all you can see it their sabers, it makes me wonder why this guy must have done to have so many jedi pursuing him.

Outnumbered by JamesJiaXu On Deviant Art

Well, that's everything, I hope you guys enjoyed these as much as me, my mind got blown by all the great stuff this round!

Alrighty, from now on, this is how we'll be doing things, every other week on Friday we will have the Art Edition and the last Monday of every month we'll have the Custom Figure and Diorama Edition

And as always...

I'd appreciate some help and guidance on where to go and things I should see that may deserve a posting, E-Mail me a link at or tweet me @PoweroftheFans with #ThePoweroftheFans and it will probably see it's day in the sun. Doesn't matter if it's by you, a friend, or a complete stranger who makes things you like. Just make sure it links to the customizer's/art's post/site/submission, as I would prefer to credit the customizer/artist.

Thanks guys,

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