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The Power of the Fans: Art Edition - March 1, 2013

Hello Star Wars fans, this is GLJossan, welcome to The Power of the Fans: Art edition!

Got some good stuff for you this time around! We have childhood memories and original characters, it's some great stuff

Here we have Admiral Akbar and Boba Fett, they're a pair of neat "super deformed" character art. They're quite fun looking and have totally caught my eye, the artist Shatos seems to specialize in this style, I am quite the fan of these. They're surprisingly detailed, a big thumbs up on these two.

Mon Calamari by shatos On Deviant Art

Boba Fett by shatos On Deviant Art

Here we go, a nice good original character, looks to be based on SW:TOR. It has an interesting style, it seems to draw me to the face and I just am not sure what it is, maybe things are a bit sharper the closer you get to the face, but either way, it looks great!

With Saber and Force by Odrobinka On Deviant Art

Did someone order up an original Twi'lek Sith character? I honestly love this picture, Twi'leks are one of my favorite alien races, and this just looks menacing without looking overly scary and most of all just looks badass. I'm really drawn in to the eyes, a lot of detail in the face, it's very nice.

Sith Warrior by Seraph777 On Deviant Art

Awesome story-board/comic page art here, we all know this scene from the Revenge of the Sith. I love the emotion of the picture, they look real yet animated, I don't know how to explain it, I guess they are animated but the emotion they are showing looks real (I'll also take this Anakin over Hayden Christensen any day, this one actually looks like he can show emotion.) But anyway, I like this a lot, and would love to see more of this.

Star Wars - You were the chosen one! by Okha On Deviant Art

Okay, another original character and this one REALLY blew my mind out of the water! I mean I'm nearly left speechless! Seriously, some either future or maybe ancient jedi master of the same race as Yoda, it's just really awesome! The attention to detail is also astounding; I mean you can see every crease on his skin, every hair on his head and even the glow of the lightsaber from behind his right arm when the blade isn't even visible. I keep expecting this guy to just jump from my screen and give me a speech about fear turns into anger and all that.

Jedi Master by KeithChildress On Deviant Art

Okay here is my favorite, this one just screams childhood memories, reminding me how awesome my childhood was thanks to Star Wars. This picture is purely amazing, the detail is amazing as well, I mean actual Star Wars bed sheets and marvel comic! It's all one needs as a kid is their imagination and a card board box... and maybe their own chew-bark-a.

Light Speed by jpzilla On Deviant Art

Well, that's everything, I hope you guys enjoyed these as much as me, I still cannot get enough of the one of the kid and his dog, it really hits home for my childhood!

And as always...

I'd appreciate some help and guidance on where to go and things I should see that may deserve a posting, E-Mail me a link at or tweet me @PoweroftheFans with #ThePoweroftheFans and it will probably see it's day in the sun. Doesn't matter if it's by you, a friend, or a complete stranger who makes things you like. Just make sure it links to the customizer's/art's post/site/submission, as I would prefer to credit the customizer/artist.

Thanks guys,

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