March 22, 2013 | By FLYGUY

More Inspired Posters from Poster Inspired


Marcus (Poster Inspired) continues to create great value art pieces with his latest original trilogy set

The Vintage Pop Art Star Wars Trilogy (3 posters) is yours for an insanely low $40!

Yes, you read that right! Three 11"X17" Prints of the greatest movie trilogy of all time (OF ALL TIME!) could be hanging on your wall for a paltry $40!

(Geez, am I on one of those late night infomercials?)

I should point out that Marcus hasn't paid me to write this. It's just well past midnight (1:18am in fact) and when I'm tired I ramble when I type.

Anywhoo, check out his previous efforts, and display your love of Star Wars loud and proud on your walls (sexy white couch not included)!

Star Wars Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and AT-AT Vintage Poster Set

Star Wars "Coffee Stain" Poster Set

Hey, remember to tell 'em Fly Guy sent you!

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