February 10, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Toy Fair Hasbro Swag Bag!

Hey guys, GLJossan here, mind behind the Power of the Fans article and @Powerofthefans on Twitter, got home from NYC yesterday about 5pm EST, Toy Fair was awesome Hasbro side, though sadly most of the pictures I took sucked, the lighting was poor and I was using a 7 year old camera. (I promise to have a new one next year.)

Anyway, I'm here to show off the awesome Swag Hasbro was kind enough to shove my way!

Here are the toys they gave me!

They also had Hasbro waters, I thought this was neat so I grabbed one and stuffed it in my pocket.

Here is the cool bag the swag came in, it's just a black gift bag with a piece of paper with the Hasbro logo and Predaking glued to it, but it didn't need to be much.

And last, but not least, my name tag, nothing special really, I know, but it's probably my favorite souvenir as stupid as that might sound.

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