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The Power of the Fans: Art Edition - January 31, 2013

Hello Star Wars fans, this is GLJossan, welcome to The Power of the Fans: Art edition!

Before we begin, I would like to apologize for the lack of articles last week, so I'm going to try and make this one and tomorrow's bigger. But today we have something from an artist I wanted in my first article, but approval to use it was needed and it didn't come until after the article was posted, so look for that one in this article today!

First we have a pretty interesting piece of art; in case you didn't know I liked to lead off with those. This one is by a friend of mine, he's really good, though he's not much a Star Wars fan (sadly,) I know him from a He-Man fan site. But anyway, this image of a Skeletor and Darth Vader, I like it's nice sleek and clean looking, I like that it's flat colors than extreme detailed shading, it's nice to see sometimes.

Vad-Or by Wolfsfang on

You all remember last time with Boba Fett and Deadpool in an elevator right, well seems the same artist is throwing some more our way, this one is a bit more serious, but with Deadpool in there I have a hard time taking it seriously. But, the helmet looks so detailed in the background, this picture is so well done, it's easily one of the better pictures I've seen.

Fettpool - Bad Boys for Life by HeroforPain on Deviant Art

So, I found this one, it's Oola; everyone's favorite Twi'Lek slave girl. It has an off style to it, I find that cool, like some odd glamor-ish style mixed with a little inspiration from the Clone Wars style. Either way though, I just can't help but be drawn to it.

Oola the Slave by brianjones90 on Deviant Art

Alrighty, now we have my all time favorite Jedi Master from the prequels, she is a togruta, Shaak Ti ladies and gents! This is a pretty neat piece, I'm pretty sure it's all pen, though I can't say that confidently as parts tell me just pen, others tell me it's an inked drawing, so I'm no confident on identifying it in that way and it's description on DA was blank.

Shaak Ti by ryryleeart on Deviant Art

I'm sure you've all been wondering,'hmmm, where are the original characters he always obsesses with?' and even more so, 'Where is this art he wanted to post last time that he had to get approval from?' Well to answer both questions in one quote, 'RIGHT HERE!' I've been dying to post this for awhile, this artist's art is not only REALLY good, but on top of that, the scene set up in the picture is great, the picture is just really awesome all together! Also go, check out her other art.

Jedi vs. Sith by Wafflesl on Deviant Art

Okay, honestly, I don't know what my favorite thing about this art is, I love the stylistic versions of the characters, the obvious comedy of the scene, the fact that each character in just a single picture has each character BURSTING with personality, it's just so great!

My clone wars babies by MelHell84 on Deviant Art

O-Oh my gawd! It's watching me! Heh, but seriously, here's a pretty neat picture, a reflection in the eye of a Neimoidian. I'm pretty damn impressed by this one, it's pretty detailed and just... wow! Major props to this artist!

Reflection by Kweh-chan On Deviant Art

You guys remember that picture of Han Solo and Indiana Jones from last time? Well, they did some more stuff, and it's worth of posting, this time we have two!

"Indy and Leia Sketchcard" and "Obi-Wan Sketchcard" by stratosmacca On Deviant Art

Been playing a lot of SWTOR lately, and I can tell a SWTOR character just by the look of certain things, and I can tell just by this character's make-up, this SWTOR Chiss Character is pretty awesome looking though, I must admit!

Navren by darthmer-mer On Deviant Art

This one is pretty cool, made with just Pen-Ink and marker. Also Darth Revan is probably the coolest looking Sith Lord, at least in my opinion, I can't speak for anyone other than me. Anyway, the detail attention is amazing with this picture, I love it, especially the detailing of the fabric on the lower half of his body, you can see the stitching!

Darth Revan by Hodges-Art On Deviant Art

Okay, here is one, it's one of my favorite Artists on the net, does one of the funniest web comics I've read, it's called Head Trip! It makes fun of a lot of things in geek culture and everyday life with out getting very derpy. But yeah, here is some art, it's a Cathar Smuggler, based on their design in SWTOR, I like it a lot, at first glance, I was like meh, but the more I look at it the more I'm liking it and am finding detailing that I didn't catch before.

SWTOR - Cathar Smuggler by shinga On Deviant Art

This one is a pretty cool gathering of some bad ass Sith. It's a pretty awesome picture no real flaws to it that I can see and definitely worthy of the list. The colors and shading are great, digitally done, all around great picture!

Empire State of Mind by Mista-M On Deviant Art

And now onto the finale, not as big as last time's but, it really doesn't need to be, this is an amazing pencil drawing, you have all kinds of characters in photograph like detail! 5 Sith, 5 Bounty hunters, all bad ass! Honestly the detail of this blew my mind when I realized it was all pencil work. I love it and it definitely deserves the final spot on this edition of The Power of the Fans!

Star Wars Villains by petrhlubek On Deviant Art
Character belongs to Tokypo on Deviant Art

Well, that's everything, hope you guys and gals enjoyed the art, I know I did!

And as always...

I'd appreciate some help and guidance on where to go and things I should see that may deserve a posting, E-Mail me a link at or tweet me @PoweroftheFans with #ThePoweroftheFans and it will probably see it's day in the sun. Doesn't matter if it's by you, a friend, or a complete stranger who makes things you like. Just make sure it links to the customizer's/art's post/site/submission, as I would prefer to credit the customizer/artist.

Thanks guys,

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