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New York Toy Fair Run Down & Images. Black Series, Clone Wars WTF? And More...


Our East Coast Editor GLJossan braved the snow at the New York Toy fair picked up a My Little Pony Tee-shirt! And had had these highlights to report; We are just awaiting Hasbro sharing the presentation with us which we'll re-post shortly...

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Six Inch Black Series:
We know already that Luke (X-wing pilot) R2, Maul And a Sandtrooper are coming from our earlier press release, but the much rumored SDCC exclusive WILL be Boba Fett with a Han Solo in Carbonite.

Again expect a limited run of these to be sold after SDCC at and perhaps a limited run online at some store. For those outside of the USA likely very bloody hard and expensive to get as usual.

By the way Gentle Giant have played a big part in the design of the figures in a computerised form for Hasbro..Interesting!
  • R2 had many accessories, Jet thrusters, Antenna, lightsaber hilt and more...
  • Maul (looking awesome) has his cloak, macro binoculars and double seperating lightsaber
  • Sandtrooper has an orange pauldron, backpack, rifle and blaster

3.75 Inch Black Series
So the now repackaged Build-A-droid wave is looking great and identical almost to the Six Inch line.all there sans the actual Build-A Droid. In the range is;

  • Padme (Episode II Geonosis Battle)
  • Biker Scout (Same version from recent Speeder Bike)
  • Clone Pilot (Attack Of the Clones)
  • Wedge Antilles (comes with vehicle-see below)
  • Pablo Jill
  • Anakin Skywalker (Episode II)
  • Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony)
  • Pablo Jill
  • Darth Vader (Bespin Dinner Shootout)
  • Mara Jade Skywalker
  • Stormtrooper
  • Luminara unduli
  • R2-D2

3.75 Inch Vader/Saga Legends Packaging $5.99 price point
As we expected a lower price point as articulation drops to literally head, legs and arms, aka Classic vintage figures. In the range is:
  • Mace Windu
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (ROTS)
  • R4-P17
  • Shocktrooper
  • Super Battle Droid
  • Yoda (Attack Of The Clones)

3.75 Inch Vader Packaging Mission Series Limited articulation again! $10 price point.
Basically a way to pack two figures together. Options are;
  • Darth Vader & Seeker Droid (very odd looking small droid)
  • Anakin Skywalker (as sith apprentice Darth Vader) & 501st trooper
  • Jango Fett & Battle Droid
  • Captain Rex & Battle Droid

12 Inch Limited Articulation figures
So we had Anakin and Clone Trooper this year which look like they should have bubble Bath in them
  • Obi Wan Kenobi (Revenge Of The Sith)
  • Darth Vader
  • An Anakin that turns in to Darth Vader with speech...

Large Vehicles
Sadly these are ALL exclusives but we get one we have been waiting some time for;
  • Slave I (finally the repaint of) which comes  with Han Solo in Carbonite (
  • TIE Interceptor (Another exclusive)
  • Ewoks with Catapult (Kmart)
  • Imperial Scanning Crew from A New Hope (Kmart)
  • X-Wing Fighter with Biggs Darklighter (Toys'R' Us)
  • Republic Gunship new design with turrents, two Clone Trooper, Yoda (Toys'R' Us)

Small vehicles
We saw a box for this smaller scale and thus smaller price point.
  • Revenge Of The Sith Anakin Red Starfighter
Clone Wars
New Clone Wars figures were show but rumours abound about the line not being sold in the USA! Only Europe will get new figures and no word on Asia, Australia etc.

This is quite a shock and we will get more about  this soon  I'd pause for a second and say remember in the USA you get 99% of everything star Wars. The poor UK in 2012 never got the speeder Bike and Bilker Scout so remember we do have the interwebs! More soon.

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