February 24, 2013 | By FLYGUY

An army of one man, but the right man for the job!

Ahem, yes, well.

I suppose I should have written this before I'd started posting, you know, so you knew who it was dropping in these nuggets of Star Wars art and other related geekery.

Let me introduce myself: my name is Stephen Scott.


Yes, you read correctly. I am a Star Wars fanatic who happens to share the name of the founder of this amazing blog. So effectively, we are Clone Brothers.

What can I say about myself? I've worked in advertising as a copywriter and creative manager, and currently lecture and tutor journalism at QUT. (And my friends, knowing what a Star Wars fan I am, have a habit of photoshopping me into that galaxy far, far away.)

Why did I join this fine organisation? I have a habit of spotting funky Star Wars related art & geekery-type-things, and Stephen said "Stephen, you should join us", so I said "sure Stephen, sounds like fun".

I've also got an unquenchable desire for Tatooine Credits* and Bantha Burgers**.

And I love Star Wars.

To paraphrase a number of heroes of mine: "I've got a good feeling about this".

**Rancid Meat

P.S. If you're crazy enough to want to locate me elsewhere on this crazy interwebby thing, you'll find the links you're looking for at my page.

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