January 07, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Waves Fingers- 'This Is The Volunteering Experience You're Looking For...'


Just like our waist line, and Disney's soon to be profits, we're expanding at an exponential rate.

Wanna travel virtually throughout the galaxy? Meet interesting people, a few scary trolls, and the odd Star Wars star? Then you came to the right post! We've fired all our ewoks as they wanted a raise, the little furry sh*ts. Henceforth, there are situations vacant at both flyguy towers & at our sister site

Positions available

  • Hot/female/metal bikini wearing, naked slave gir...(Whoops! Sorry wrong job ad!)
  • Content editors/publishers
  • Behind the scenes geeks, podcasting editors, photoshop sith lords.
  • Peeps who have awesome and cool Star Wars stuff to occasionally pimp


  1. You gotta love toys and those Star Wars/Marvel movies and have some time on your hands.
  2. A love of vintage, the vintage collection and original trilogy movies is like a kinda given dude. M'kay?
  3. Need to speak good basic. Or Bocce.
  4. Gotta be over 21 and be y'know a dude, (or dudette).
  5. Occasional Payment* will be in Tatooine Credits** and the occasional Bantha burger we can chuck your way***
  6. Applications by Mr J Binks will yet again be refused. We'sa serious this time floppy ears. Our lawyers know your home address now. Look up 'restraining order' would ya?

Applications by email to flyguy(at) with the words 'I have a bad feeling about this' in the subject line.

*By occasional, we mean as regulalry as the Sarlaac digests it meals.
**aka Sand
***may be past expiry date, and very likely, even the sand people may not eat them. Enjoy!

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