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The Power of the Fans: Custom Figure and Diorama Edition - January 18, 2013

Hello Star Wars fans, this is GLJossan, welcome to the first edition of The Power of the Fans: Custom Figure and Diorama edition!

Sadly this article is a bit more empty than I wanted, but that's going to happen from time to time, customs can be slow and with out people helping me out on Twitter or sending my E-Mails, it hurts it, but any way onto the customs!

First up, this is probably more most original of the creations I've found, on the internet outside of dioramas. This had to have had more blood sweat and tears put into it than most customs.

Hand-carved wooden figures and land speeder by Hockey_History on Rebel Scum

Here is a diorama of Mos Eisley, it was pretty cool, I've been trying to make something of my own like it, though my is much less elaborate. But, this thing is great, the scene on it looks pretty awesome too, you have the used droid dealer, the Sandtroopers, it's all just awesome.

Mos Eisley Diorama by BlackThorne on The Imperial Shipyards

Hasbro! Take some notes here, I would LOVE a figure just like this to be made, sure it's not exactly completely accurate to the cartoon, but that's not always a bad thing, I want a "realistic" version of Cad Bane. (as well as that Rex that got canceled.)

Non-Cartoon style Cad Bane by JetpackBlues on The Imperial Shipyards

Okay this was a neat stumble, Here is a bit of a collection of figures, based on World War2 and the 1940s, you have Darth Vader, Tarkin, a Stormtrooper and a Snowtrooper. They seem to have had thought put into them, and are pretty awesome, my personal favorite would be the Snowtrooper. I came across the Snowtrooper first and thought it was awesome and then noticed the Stormtrooper in the picture as well, causing me to search out the others.

World War 2/1940s Star Wars by JetpackBlues on The Imperial Shipyards

Awesome figure, at first I thought it was an original character, but came to find out it was a character from KOTR 2, this one is quite exceptional, I couldn't even tell you the base figure used for it. (Than again I'm also not that well versed with the figures off the top of my head.) The paint applications are perfect, I think I'm in love with this custom, it's pretty awesome. Another neat detail by the customizer, each robe layer gets darker, the outer cloak is a medium grey, the inner is a darker grey, and the turleneck like piece coming from under the inner robe is black.

Darth Traya by Stronox on The Imperial Shipyards

Well, that's everything, hope you guys and gals satisfied, it sadly seems Star Wars customs were slow these passed two weeks, which is disappointing that this is all I could get. BUT, this is why I ask for the help, customs need to be found, and need to be given their time in the lite, so please...

As always...

I'd appreciate some help and guidance on where to go and things I should see that may deserve a posting, E-Mail me a link at or tweet me @PoweroftheFans with #ThePoweroftheFans and it will probably see it's day in the sun. Doesn't matter if it's by you, a friend, or a complete stranger who makes things you like. Just make sure it links to the customizer's/art's post/site/submission, as I would prefer to credit the customizer/artist.

Thanks guys,

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  1. Again a great article and hasbro should definitely consider making a realistic bane like this.

  2. I know we just discussed this on the podcast, we all want this figure!