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The Power of the Fans: Art Edition - January 17, 2013

Hello Star Wars fans, this is GLJossan, welcome to the first edition of The Power of the Fans: Art edition!

First we have a pretty interesting piece of art based on recent pop culture with a geek twist which includes one of the big Star Wars fan favorites; Boba Fett as well as another fan favorite from Marvel with just as big a following; Deadpool.

Fett Pool Style! by HeroforPain on Deviant Art

Next up is a character sheet for someone's original fan character named Isa Cortess. I'll be honest with everyone, I'm a sucker for fan made characters. But on top of that the character sheet is pretty cool.

Character Sheet - Isa Cortess by LittleMissWiseass on Deviant Art

So, tell me, what's cooler than propaganda art? What's cooler than Boba Fett? I'll tell you what, propaganda art featuring Boba Fett, that's what! I mean honestly, this picture just screams bad ass.

Fett's Boba - Boba Fett Star Wars Propaganda Art by HalHefnerART on Deviant Art

What? Who did you say was a sucker for original characters? Oh... right... me, yeha I almost forgot, well here is another one. Her name is Dalateress, and I think this is our first just straight up badass looking piece of art we've gotten in here.

The Sith by TheBoyofCheese on Deviant Art

This one is pretty awesome, I saw the thumb nail and thought 'hmm pretty cool looking black and white picture.' only to click it and find out it was done entirely with pen, this fact just totally blew my mind away completely.

imperial sprawl by kennybrann on Deviant Art

Here is one of my favorites from the post, it's digitally done, but it looks like water colors, it has such a nice effect and just looks all around really awesome, I couldn't not put it up here. And on top of it all, this picture has something all the others so far lack, a sense of life, by her expression, the fact that there is snow that looks to be moving and the fact you can see the mist that her breath makes, just gives the whole picture a life of it's own.

Winter Ahsoka by thefenrir on Deviant Art

It's Beyond a clonetrooper, it's Beyond The god damn Batman, it's a Batman Beyond Clonetrooper?! Considering I'm working on a Flyguy trooper custom, I shouldn't really judge the theme, either way though, it's pretty awesome.

Batman Beyond/Clone Trooper by JonBolerjack On Deviant Art

Did you know Indiana Jones and Han Solo met in the Expanded Universe, though sadly it's not the way you mite think and thankfully, it's a non-canon story, it's an interesting story, it's in comic book Star Wars Tales #19. Give it, a read, it shows just about how long ago The Battle of Yavin was compared to our time, the The Battle of Yavin was somewhere in 1800-1820, so when they say a long time ago, they really do mean it.
Anyway I should talk about the art now, it's pretty cool a sketch with marker work, no color to it, but doesn't really need it, it's just cool all around.

Indy and Han Sketchcard by stratosmacca On Deviant Art

Here is something I like, it's an original take on Darth Vader, I really don't recall seeing original takes very often and this is one that I really like,usually when something like this is uncommon, I'll be brutally honest, they usually are horrible when you come across them, so this is refreshing.

Anime-ish Darth Vader by harosais1 On Deviant Art

Okay here is the finale, this one is pretty cool, I stumbled onto some gold on Deviant Art, an artist working for LucasFILMS and Topps Trading Cards, when I first came across them, I thought they were just come cool pieces that was a part of a collection, it wasn't until I read their description that I found out they were for Trading cards!

Did I mention I couldn't just choose one?! I'm showing the entire collection here!

Topps Star Wars Card Sketches by Juan Carlos Ramos(ramosdesign75 On Deviant Art)

Well, that's everything, hope you guys and gals enjoyed the art, I know I did!

And as always...

I'd appreciate some help and guidance on where to go and things I should see that may deserve a posting, E-Mail me a link at or tweet me @PoweroftheFans with #ThePoweroftheFans and it will probably see it's day in the sun. Doesn't matter if it's by you, a friend, or a complete stranger who makes things you like. Just make sure it links to the customizer's/art's post/site/submission, as I would prefer to credit the customizer/artist.

Thanks guys,

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  1. Great article and loving the imperial sprawl and entirely made with pen. Impresive, most impresive!

    1. Am very grateful we have GLJossan on board, some great stuff getting shared!

  2. Thanks for featuring my art on here!

    1. You're quite welcome, thanks for making some cool art, and please, keep it up!