January 11, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Flyguy: The Power of the Fans

Hello kiddos, I'm a new addition to, and I would like to give you guys a preview of what to expect from me. What I plan to do is search the internet for awesome art, dioramas and custom action figures and post my favorites once a week!

First we have an awesome custom Darth Malgus figure by Sithfire30, who happens to be my personal favorite customizer of Star Wars figures.


Here is an awesome piece of art, I actually own a print of this and met the artist at the NYCC. This picture is called "Kurt, I am your Mother" and it's by Rey Arzeno


Now these two things are just a preview of what is to come. Also, I'd appreciate some help and guidance on where to go and things I should see that may deserve a posting, E-Mail me a link at or tweet me @PoweroftheFans and it will probably see it's day in the sun. Doesn't matter if it's by you, a friend, or a complete stranger who makes things you like. Just make sure it links to the customizer's/art's post/site/submission, as I would prefer to credit the customizer/artist.

Now here is a little preview of my own custom stuff, better quality pictures to come, it's actually part of a concept series I'm doing of original characters, so expect them all to be shown together rather than one by one. Not to mention the custom isn't exactly finished either.


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