January 09, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Colonel Meebur Gascon & The Astromechs. The Plot Thickens In Star Wars The Clone Wars

At first I dont think many were so keen on this arc, but am really liking this long form storyline and the options it gives to really get in to a group of characters. Meebur gascon is expertly voiced by 'the voice of 1000 men (and creatures)' Stephen Stanton, the plot really thickens here for the possee and their quest to get this chip returned. Whats's your thoughts on the show and characters? Let us know!

Tune in to Cartoon Network this Saturday.

(Or like the rest of us across the globe access at your your local torrent or 100's of other web sites to catch up as we are foced to do. Really do wish Disney and Lucasfilm would remember Star Wars is 110% global and not confined to US terrotories and US services. Incredibley small minded, shot sighted and profit driven for TV networks that don't even air the show overseas. Sort it Disney!)

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  1. Hate how show episodes after they've been aired, but only in US. I can't even buy them on iTunes, it's 2013, I know Ireland took a little time to catch up with the rest of the world, but this is crazy....

  2. You and me both Max! Basically forcing people to pirate. Sad.