January 27, 2013 | By FLYGUY

Another Kick Ass Prize In Our 5K Giveaway. Star Wars LEGO Jabba's Palace Thnx to @ShopForMeNEXT

Continuing on to celebrate our 5000 subscribers to our YouTube channel, our friends and sponsors are helping us celebrate so we want to still give them some thanks for their awesome donations. Some more of the prizes you can win in our competition is this fantastic Jabba's Palace set. (This prize we have to keep to Australian's Only. Sorry, but all others are open to most worldwide countries)

Stay tuned, details I promise are coming coming up very shortly how you can grab this and lots of other cool toys!

Our thanks to the awesome for their awesome give-away!

Visit ShopForMe For LEGO & Hot Toys!

For those that don't know them, are kicking the Australian market in the rear! Shaking up not only prices and service in this market but just the overall experience of the toy market here.

Consistently smashing prices for LEGO, Hot Toys, Sideshow and cool collectibles, these guys offer not only great prices, and great service, but an all over fantastic customer experience when shopping with them. You'll even find some of their own creations such as diorama backgrounds for 12 Inch figures for sale too. Who the hell does that? Great fans of the products that's who!

So yet again these guys are HUGE fans of the toys, and as such, along with the on-line store, they have a retail store in Melbourne Australia also, so you get to meet them and see their collections too. Oh and it's also got a bloody good coffee shop that they run in the store too, how friggin' amazeballs is that?? is also home of the Daily BLITZ where at 11AM everyday of the year they offer a great price on a  product. These guys even have tailored made shipping boxes, that they designed so your items won’t be damaged in transit.

I've been buying tons from them for years and seriously they get the seal of approval from me. Love 'em! Check 'em out!

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