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Vintage Star Wars Figures As Framed Oil Paintings. Pretty Damn Awesome...


Rebelscum a link to an auction which led us to some very unique pieces in the vintage Star Wars Stylee...

All the work of Mats Gunnarson, he has several more up for sale on ebay and although not cheap as you'd expect, these are rather unique and damn cool. From the fett painting alone some background;

"This is an original oil painting depicting Star Wars figures from my childhood. Three vintage Kenner Bounty Hunters from The Empire Strikes Back toy line, painted in front of a dark brown background. The painting is framed and ready to hang.

Oil on masonite, satin/glossy finish
Painted March 2012
Painted area: 24 cm x 20 cm (approx. 9.4" x 7.9")
Size incl. frame: 37 cm x 33 cm (approx. 14.6" x 13")

Oil paintings are truly wonderful works of art with rich depth of color that other mediums just cannot achieve. Although the images of the painting look great, they don't compare to the real thing.

My paintings begin life as a board of masonite which I sand and prime before I transfer my drawing and start painting. I apply paint in many layers and everything is painted three or four times, leaving visible brushstrokes on the surface which makes the painting come alive.

When the paint is dry I apply several thin layers of varnish to intensify colors and to provide a protective layer. Finally I give the painting a high quality wooden gold frame and a nylon coated stainless steel wire for hanging. Every painting is a unique piece of art, handmade in every step, and with proper care it will last for centuries."

View the other paintings on Mats website

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