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Star Wars Vintage Figures, Old & New! Plus FREE SHIPPING, New Marvel Legends & GI Joes

News of our FREE DOMESTIC US SHIPPING offer, whats in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at 



Woot! You can now get free US Doemstic shipping on orders over $50! Valid thru Dec 31st 2012. *Terms apply.



Boy you guys are loving the last vintage wave, these are flying out the door!

Don't forget to pick up a Nien Nunb, Mawhonic, Aurra Sing, Lumat, Weequay Hunter and more... We also have the lost line figures in stock and if your a clone head then you may want to army buiold that shocktrooper and clone lieutenant.



Lots of older Vintage are back in stock, Gamorrean Guardm Starkiller, Aayla Scura, Tarkin and more...




Marvel Universe comic packs are restocked with some older and new packs including Gmabit, Silver Surfer, Thanos & More. We also have single carded Beta Ray Bill, Kraven, Kang, She-Hulk and many others.

Marvel Legends we have Klaw, Terrax, Punisher, Mystique & many more in stock.



A pile of new Marvel Legends just flew in for pre-order! Wolverine, Archangel with variant, Protector and Iron Fist.


Professor X, Blastaar (and variant) with Jubilee are up also for Pre-order along with new Super Hero packs; JOE  
Joes are back! Check out many new Wave 2 Pre-Orders and In Stock wave 1 GI JOE Retaliation figures, including  fan favourites Snake Eyes, Flint, Firefly and Storm Shadow. We also have tons of more recent Joes such as Low-Light, Red Dog, Duke & more.



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Buying that last wave of vintage carded figures? Then you need some protective cases before you checkout. Keep 'em box fresh!


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The countdown to Christmas begins!

Team Dorkside

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