December 08, 2012 | By FLYGUY

Facebook Likes, There Is Another. Lucasfilm and Google+ Communities.


Good to see the changes in Lucasfilm Social marketing over the last year or so. Finally embracing YouTube (by god they held out long enough with that awful bespoke stuttery player), now a better blog and posts, and embracing Google +.Smart awake pople in the hizouse!

We've been big fans of the Google + platform and have been on the site since day one. Admittedly it has been quieter than facebook and twitter as it's still growing, but there are half a billion users on the site and it's growing incredibly fast. And frankly it can be a nice break from facebook at times!

Everyone planet wide has been obsessed with Likes to the point of nausea recently. Like Donkey in Shrek with 'pick me' we get you many sites globally want fans to like your page for more referral traffic but it's time to stop pushing it. We were all guilty of wanting to build numbers but likes is not a measure of your popularity or engagement. Hell many sites have thousands of likes and their facebook pages are a ghost town. So what did that achieve? Size Matters not. (y'all!)

Add in facebook's annoying changes to thier wall for everyone and ...well really it's a mess right now.

So we made a point a while ago to just not bother about likes. 2000 came and went and we made no fuss and whilst others are still begging for numbers, we've kinda given up.
Like us or don't, cos really it's just a number. We'd much rather have a conversation with you than beg you to click a button.

We'll be makings some changes to our sites soon and facebook still has a large part to play; we still love the friends, connectivity and ease of sharing photos with thousands of others but it's time to branch out a little more and diversify.

As has shown it's thinking smarter, so why not join up with Google+ and the new communities. In many cases, the same people you may know and mobile and tablet friendly. And well, just a break from farcebook!

See you on the other side.


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