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Clearance From Only $3.00, GI JOE's, Marvel Universe, Greatest Hits Vintage Star Wars All @DorksideToys

FREE DOMESTIC US SHIPPING offer ends soon! Plus whats in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at 



free shipping at dorkside

You can still get free US Domestic shipping on orders over $50! Valid thru Dec 31st 2012. *Terms apply.



We are one of the few Online reatilers with some stock left of the last wave of the Vintage collection. And if that doesnt tell you how much you need to snap these up nothing will.  An often overlooked figure in the wave, AOTC Obi-Wan is an absolutley stunning figure and only $8.99! Plus Lumat, Weequay, Prune face, and all the others are in stock.... 'Greatest hits' older vintage collection classics are around too. Top up the holes collection before you miss out.



If you have carded figures, then you need some protective cases before you checkout. Keep your older figures dust free, and smooth out bends and creases with a quality display case...



MARVEL @DorksideToys

Marvel Universe figures & Marvel Universe comic packs are restocked plus new pre-orders. Many hard to find figures have been topped up also from past waves. Marvel Legends, Marvel Select and more are in stock and ready to ship.


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Out and about? Not a problem! Our full store and catalogue, gift certificates & wish list is also available on mobile. Just head to our website on any mobile device where the responsive design of our store will display the correct version.

GI JOE   Yo Joes! We have yet more GI JOE's in stock with lots of older and harder to find figures, all ready to ship and well as GI JOE Retaliation wave 1 & wave 2 pre-orders. 



ON CLEARANCE   We have epic figures we need to clear Vintage Mawhonic only $3.99! Great GI JOE's, Marvel and more.


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