October 31, 2012 | By FLYGUY

The Disney Deal, & Where To Next For The Future of Star Wars Movies & Everything Else.

So if you follow us on social media, earlier today we nearly fangasmed in to our breakfast that George Lucas and Disney confirmed a mega deal for $4.04 billion for the mouse empire to take future ownership and direction for the Star Wars franchise...

The video above covers some basics, but what does this mean for everything else?

Confirmed so far has been:

  • EP 7 (in 3D and likely), 8 and 9 in "early" stages of production with Ep7 in 2015 other movies two year gaps afterwards.
  • It will not end after that (they have to recoup 4billion godammit!)
  • Future distribution rights for the next movies are no longer owned by Twentieth Century fox
  • Gaming everywhere, hints at much more social and mobile again to recoup that huge investment.
  • Disney XD channel will be home for Star Wars TV show and future Clone Wars after Cartoon network agreement ends.(if we get that far with Clone Wars)
  • Expect more at Theme parks around Star Wars and Indy etc (A given!)
  • More directly managed merchandising through Disney channels and effectively using the roadmap of Marvel to apply to LucsFilm properties.
  • LucasFilm are now 'cast members' of Disney (I guess!?)

Not so sure about yet:

  • Post 2021 Hasbro may not have the license for Star Wars figures : ) Given that this is somewhat in the future, we can park that for the moment!
  • The LEGO licence ends in 2016, very, very likely the mouse and LEGO get along very well (Pirates, Toy Story, Cars)
  • Expect MOAR! Toys, games, movies, TV Shows, Animation, Apps, theme rides, merchandise like you have never seen before and did we say toys?
  • Pixar directorial quality+animation master skills+starwars=potential amazeballs movies!
  • Expended universe wont suddenly get super love, but will likely not get less love than it has had so far, but don't neccisarily expect a Jaxxon figure, or the holiday special to magically appear.
  • A change of licensee could impact long held issues with things like the Tonnika sisters? Doubtful, but as the ownership baton passes, contracts can change.
  • Disney know how to market, arguably better then Lucas ever has. Don't get too worried about the handling of this. They are commercial minded and THIS IS BUSINESS that needs income, but they have many years commercial experience in putting on a good show. This is a good partnership on paper. The running of it will be the make or break.

What's your thoughts? Many seem to be worried or unsure which is cool, but start spreading your concerns or positive comments online here, our sites or anyones sites. The point is more movies, more Star Wars, and up until recently it looked like dark times ahead.

Clone Wars slitghtly stagnating (sorry, love the show and all the talent but first five Season five were snooooozeee) TV show in hiatus, George leaving and no more movies he said (sly old fox). So in the Disney announcement we really do have ... a new hope.

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