October 21, 2012 | By FLYGUY

Timothy Zahn, New Books, eBooks And That Awesome Looking Star Wars : Scoundrels

Timothy Zahn talks about his characters in Star Wars books, and other ebooks include A Coming of Age, the Blackcollar series, and Spinneret.

“You could say my work is like Star Wars played on a chess board.”

To celebrate the release, the above mini-documentary of Timothy Zahn gives you an insight in to his work. His other novels include: Deadman Switch, The Backlash Mission, Triplet, and Warhorse. For more about these new releases and to see the brand new covers, visit:

A Coming of Age is a tribute to what it means to come of age, face your fears, and even save the world. Reminiscent of other legendary coming of age literature, readers of Dune, A Wrinkle in Time, The Ender’s Game, and The Chronicles of Narnia will be delighted to discover another tale that records the difficult yet crucial passage into adulthood.

The Blackcollar Series is a military science fiction series about a group of superhuman combatants who may be the world's last chance at survival.

Spinneret poses a scientific puzzle whose answer could threaten humanity’s salvation, or destruction.

Whatever you read, no one does a gripping novel like Timothy and if you havent read any of his books pick one from above, your fave ebook store, or this forthcoming gem...

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