September 21, 2012 | By FLYGUY

Tacos! Marvel Universe! Ahsoka Tano, Lost Line, New Hulk & More In The @dorksidetoys Newsletter

News of whats in stock, available for pre-order, and on clearance at


Remember how hard the last version of Ahsoka Tano was to get? Get in there now and get your pre-orders in! We have ALL of the very last wave of Star Wars; The Vintage Collection up for pre-order. Remember this is not going to be in USA retail!


The 'Lost Line' of The Vintage Collection is proving to be VERY popular! Get the amazing Sandtrooper with remote droid, the proving to be hard to grab; Leia in Bespin Gear, Darth Vader 'Skeletor', the Clone Lieutenant, Jar Jar, or Shocktrooper now!

Our favourite Taco eating superhero Deadpool is in the Dorkside warehouse, but he is going quickly. In fact all the latest wave of Marvel Legends are proving very popular, Mystique, removable mask Doctor Doom, Punisher, Iron Man and more. Also in stock and selling incredibly fast is Marvel Universe; Scarlet Witch, Kang, the amazing Future Foundation Spider Man, very cool Punisher, and She-Hulk! Add to your cart today!

We also have hundreds of mostly loose figures too including the latest Rebel Pilots, Ewoks and more on our ebay store. 


Some amazing figures that you need in your collection! A range of The Avengers figures are on clearance including the Super Articulated Iron Man with possibly the best paint job of any Iron man figure only $4.99! In Star Wars we have Barriss Offee carded for only $5! Why not army build those epic, super articulated Battle Droids at only $6.99 each? Finally the excellent Darth Maul, on a vintage card for only $5! Buy an extra and cut him in half for a diorama : )



We have new Marvel Legends giveaways next week starting with our friends at TekSushi, head over there and stay tuned for more giveaways and promotions from us! Get our latest updates, news, reviews and more on on and add us to your circles on Google plus

We're off for Taco's. Later!

Team Dorkside


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