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Demand is building for the last wave of The Vintage Collection especially since this is not going to be in USA retail! Get your pre-orders and army building done today! All of the last wave; Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Nien Nunb, Aurra Sing, Lumat, Republic Trooper, Gungan Warrior, Weequay Hunter and of course The Emporer's Royal Guard await! (You sooo need two of them!) Pre-order now.



We have lots of The 'Lost Line' of The Vintage Collection down to crazy low prices! Army build the Shocktrooper or Clone Lieutenant for only $6.99! Also just in stock is the latest Marvel Universe wave with the, high in demand, and selling ultra fast Scarlet Witch, Kang, Punisher, an Epic Hulk, Beast, Beta Ray Bill & loads more! Buy Marvel Universe now

One of our fast becoming, favourite lines; and also one of the fastest selling lines is Marvel Legends. Complete the set with removable mask Doctor Doom, Iron Man and some of the previous wave with Steve Rogers, Constrictor, Hope Summers, Thor & more... Buy Marvel Legends now



Some AMAZING figures at AMAZING PRICES that you need in your collection! Avengers Hulk only $4.99! The excellent Barriss Offee $6.99. Star Wars Bom Vimdin, a crazy vintage carded or loose awesome $3.99! Loads more available so head on over and grab a clearance bargain now.

ON EBAY @ dorksidetoys

 Can't find what you want on our store? We also have hundreds of mostly loose figures too including new LEGO loose Star Wars minifgs & playsets, Hasbro loose Ewoks and more on our ebay store. 



We're in your browser and on your mobile,  get dorksidetoys to go! Simply visit on your Android, iPhone or other mobile phone browser, bookmark, and you'll get our mobile optimised HTML5 web site! Quickly search though all our products, access your account, build a wishlist, and of course buy cool toys : ) on your mobile


Following up to our last successful free Vintage Collection giveaway, we're now giving away FREE the new wave of Marvel Legends which kicked off this week! Simply watch the review below to find out more with our friends at TekSushi

Stay tuned for more giveaways and promotions from us!



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